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Supporting women in business become more connected, conscious and soulful feminine leaders.

The secret to great results

 is great leadership

Teams that lack focus, direction and motivation are never going to help you achieve what you want from your business.
As a leader there is nothing more stressful, disheartening and overwhelming than having a team who is disengaged, inconsistent, unproductive, lacking ownership, demotivated, resistant and underperforming, impacting negatively your business, customers and personal life too.

To achieve amazing results in business you need to look at things holistically and you need to know how to lead, create a culture, inspire, communicate, organise, persuade, impact, strategise, manage and direct amongst many other skills.

However, did you know that apart from the team, business systems and strategies in place, the essense of who you are as a person will too impact you business?

Leadership is not about you, but it starts with you.

In today’s world, some women may feel the need to model and demonstrate masculine leadership traits, but in doing so, we aren’t capitalising the potential of our femenine strength and capabilities.

Being a female leader doesn’t have to entail abandoning the traditional model of leadership, but instead taking a holistic approach that uses the best strengths and qualities of both the masculine and the feminine as well as, your unique  qualities too.

Investing in your own leadership, is the first step to regaining your confidence, regrouping your teams, regaining control of your business and taking purposeful action to achieve meaningful results.

All this to support you lead your business consciously, inspire your teams, impacting society and live a life “on purpose”.


My name is Lara Khalaf, I support women in SME and female founders to become more confident, successful and conscious leaders. To lead businesses consciously, inspire their teams to achieve extraordinary results, impact societies and live a life “on purpose”.

Discovering, defining and developing your feminine leadership style are the first steps to delivering your business vision in a purposeful, conscious and fluid ways.

I believe “Love” is life biggest force that makes us “be” and “do” beyond belief. I also believe in the type of leadership that doesen’t only come from the head, but from the heart too. The kind of leadership that will turn heads as well as souls.

Leadership is a lifestyle choice, and great leadership starts by being a great human being first. 

Although I hold a degree in literature, my “love” and drive has been working with people which is how I dedicated my life for more than 20 years in international progressive leadership roles, leading business units and managing large team operations across organisations in the private, public and corporate sectors.



The exclusive membership site is currently being developed with working women and aspiring leaders in mind, to support, inspire, educate and develop you. To be launched in 2019.


Through in-person group training our programs take female founders and women in SME’s on a journey to radically accelerate and develop their management & leadership skills and capabilities.


For ambitious woman ready to have powerful and transformational conversations to achieve breakthrough results; this is the ultimate  growth accelerator experience.


In partnership with Emerge UK, we offer you “RISE” an exclusive development program to support, empower and retain female talent and to develop their untapped potential.


Developed with aspiring leaders in mind, the ‘She Leads’ membership supports working women to develop their leadership DNA and step into leadership roles within their organisation.


Through online and in-person group coaching and training, the ‘She Leads’ program takes female leaders on a 3 month journey to radically accelerate and develop their leadership capabilities.


For leaders ready to have powerful conversations and achieve powerful results, 1-1 coaching provides the ultimate  growth experience.


All of my services can be tailored to a corporate setting, allowing organisations to develop the untapped potential of their women leaders.


How would you feel if your teams were inspired, showed initiative and enthusiasm, made decisions, were consistent, showed more creativity, delivered your vision and got better results? 
Leadership matters… a lot, it’s a big responsability. Sometimes it’s complicated, lonely and confusing but it’s also incredibly rewarding and impactful. Develop confidence and extraordinary leadership, because this will drive the culture and the performance which will produce the results you desire for your business… without forgetting the huge positive impact this will have on your team, your people, your community and your lifestyle.

Our support will provide you with the skills-set, mind-set and heart-set to purposefully and consciously lead yourself, your team and your business.

Be the kind of a woman leader others love to follow, and when we look after our team, they will look after our business. 



I would highly recommend working with her to obtain answers to the questions you are afraid to ask. I can honestly say that I’ve gained back my self-esteem thanks to her.

Anca B. – Support Services


Lara’s enthusiasm is contagious and her determination and passion in guiding our people have made a noticeable and positive impact in the way our teams work.

Kelly P. – Facilities Management

Each time we met I made massive mindset shifts, spiritual discoveries, enjoyed new creative inspiration and made action orientated progress. Thank you for believing in me. 

Nicola C. – Film Making


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Supporting women in business become more confident, successful and conscious leaders.