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Supporting corporate women become more confident, empowered and conscious feminine leaders.

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My name is Lara Khalaf, I run an international conscious boutique women’s empowerment and feminine leadership development firm focused on the empowerment, training and coaching of corporate women. We serve corporate firms with a D&I agenda support their female talent to become more confident, play to their strengths & succeed in the workplace; as well as individuals wanting to be more confident, successful and conscious feminine leaders. 

We believe that in order to bring balance in the workplace and the world, the feminine needs to rise!

I believe “Love” is life biggest force that makes us “be” and “do” beyond belief. I also believe in the type of leadership that doesn’t only come from the head, but from the heart. The kind of leadership that turns heads as well as souls.

You are the medicine you are looking for.

Although I hold a degree in literature, my “love” and drive has been serving people which is how I dedicated my life for more than 20 years working in international progressive leadership roles, leading business units and managing large team operations in the private, public and corporate sectors, before opening my business.

Amongst other accomplishments, I have spoken internationally on topics related to women’s empowerment mindset and feminine leadership, did a TEDx talk, I am part of the coach directory for Psychologies magazine UK and host a podcast called “She who rises up”

I love my dogs and cats, street art, collecting gemstones and reading! 



Circles are the most “supportive & safest environment” in which women can be heard, held and seen without judgment, to share experiences, challenges, to self-reflect, give and get advice, and celebrate each other’s wins.

Whether needing help navigating the new normal or are looking for support from women who understand what you’re going through, the Circle will provide the boost, support and energy needed as well as having a tight knit support group to guide you.


The RISE programme is an award-winning  women’s development programme that is creating massive impact internationally.

This programme is an exciting, transformational & experiential set of workshops providing women the confidence to play to their strengths, overcome barriers they face, be themselves, increase their success and contribution, have more impact, manage difficult situations & provide them with the tools to succeed in the workplace.


These sessions are the ultimate personal accelerator experience, based on deep, expansive, and insightful 1:1 work. 

It’s perfect for women ready to do the inner work, have powerful and transformational conversations to achieve breakthrough results.



Speaking engagement, Masterclasses and workshops are the perfect bite size event to support, empower, retain female talent and to develop their untapped potential.

The subjects are: confidence,  empoweremtn, feminine energy, leadership, self love & mindset.


Developed with aspiring leaders in mind, the ‘She Leads’ membership supports working women to develop their leadership DNA and step into leadership roles within their organisation.


Through online and in-person group coaching and training, the ‘She Leads’ program takes female leaders on a 3 month journey to radically accelerate and develop their leadership capabilities.


For leaders ready to have powerful conversations and achieve powerful results, 1-1 coaching provides the ultimate  growth experience.


All of my services can be tailored to a corporate setting, allowing organisations to develop the untapped potential of their women leaders.


I would highly recommend working with her to obtain answers to the questions you are afraid to ask. I can honestly say that I’ve gained back my self-esteem thanks to her.

Anca B. – Support Services


Lara’s energy is contagious and her determination and passion in guiding our people have made a noticeable and positive impact in the way our teams work.

Kelly P. – Facilities Management

Each time we met I made massive mindset shifts, spiritual discoveries, enjoyed new creative inspiration and made action orientated progress. Thank you for believing in me. 

Nicola C. – Film Making